Happy Tails, not so happy behind doors

Virginia Beach, Virginia 3 comments
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dont take your dogs to happy tails.they are a bunch of alcoholics and drug users that beat the dogs i guess because they are having a bad day.

if i found out someone kicked my dog, i would beat them with a bat. but here, no one would ever find out because no one is ever told. it is allowed to happen. the woMAN that lives at the boarding facility has told several people she wants to stab the dogs repeatedly when they wont stop barking.

who wants to leave their dogs in that kind of environment.

its frustrating because this woman has done several things to these dogs and nothing has happened to her yet.its only a matter of time before another dog gets hurt.....................

Review about: Dogs Mistreatment.



Which Happy Tails location is this? There is more than one.


No rumors here. I know I will no longer take my dog to that facility. I have no reason to cry just lessons learned.


Stop spreading rumors ***. You don't know any of this. Cry more

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